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Backend Developer

Job Summary

As a Backend Developer, you will be responsible for creating efficient and scalable backend solutions that power our system. You will collaborate closely with other developers to ensure seamless integration between the frontend and backend components, and work on data processing and storage to support our business needs.


Design, develop, and maintain robust backend solutions using Django Rest API and Python
Collaborate with the frontend development team to ensure smooth integration between the frontend and backend components
Build and manage databases, including PostgreSQL and ClickHouse, to store and retrieve data efficiently
Optimize and fine-tune backend code, database queries, and infrastructure for optimal performance
Stay updated on emerging technologies and industry trends to enhance our system's capabilities
Ensure data quality and integrity by establishing and enforcing data quality standards and processes
Troubleshoot and resolve issues in the backend system to ensure its smooth operation


Strong proficiency in Python programming language
Experience in developing RESTful APIs using frameworks like Django Rest API
Proficiency in working with databases such as PostgreSQL and familiarity with ClickHouse or similar data warehousing technologies
Solid understanding of backend development principles, including scalability, performance optimization, and security
Experience with version control systems like Git for collaborative development
Familiarity with cloud services, particularly AWS, for deploying and managing backend infrastructure is a plus

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