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Hello, my name is EDMOND.

I am a revenue management software. My advanced algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence automate daily repetitive tasks so that you can save time. Your time is better spent doing critical and creative thinking on how to find new revenue streams. While making automatic changes to rates and inventory I also take care of reporting, monitoring & evaluating market trends. My purpose is to understand booking patterns and continuously recommend rate & availability changes to optimize revenues.

Hello, my name is EDMOND.

I'm a revenue management software powered by advanced algorithms, machine learning, and AI. I automate tasks, saving you time for critical thinking. I handle rate adjustments, inventory management, reporting, and market trend analysis. My goal? Constantly optimizing revenues by understanding booking patterns and recommending rate and availability changes.


I am part of a team.

A vibrant team of data scientists, engineers, programmers, and solution architects are my team. Your first step is to meet them and talk business strategy. While they are based in Zagreb, I am based in the clouds. They think I work for them, but I know it is the other way around.

I do repetitive tasks, so you don’t have to.

You can choose auto-mode, and I will change rates and inventory for you. I am always ON and don’t require time off like your employees. No, I don’t mind the long hours.

However, in the industry of rapid changes and disruptions, it works best if we compare notes from time to time to make sure that we are on the right course.

I stay on top of reporting.

Based on your input, I deep dive into historical data & create dashboards & reports customized to your management style. Continuously updated reports will provide insight into past performances and discover relevant booking patterns.

You can prepare charts, graphs, tables, in-depth analysis, and all in Edmond without having to access various programs or databases.

I monitor competitors & evaluate market trends.

I monitor an agreed upon & defined competitive set and provide fixed reports on their performance.

In addition, I collect data from the market to gain insights into market trends & changes. All you have do to is define comparison criteria and customize reports.

We can do more together.

I change rates and availability online and provide a detailed overview of sales & revenue past performance. I also communicate with sales partners directly. But fast changes in the market require adjustments in sales tactics so it works best if we review our settings together with the team and find ways to further improve our performance.

We can do more together.

I handle online rate adjustments, provide detailed sales insights, and coordinate with sales partners. To stay agile in the market, it's essential to review and improve our strategies together as a team.

Our clients are our partners.

A great number of ideas that we are currently developing came directly from collaboration with our partners – regional hospitality management companies renowned for forward - thinking and managerial excellence. We intentionally keep our client base small and select to only work with large clients who are interested not only in using but also jointly evolving Edmond.

Our clients are our partners.

Numerous ideas come from partnering with renowned regional hospitality management firms. We maintain a small client base, selectively working with large partners interested in actively evolving Edmond.

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