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Forward-thinking industry leaders.

Our partners are regional hospitality management companies recognized for managerial excellence & renowned for forward-thinking. Our initial purpose for Edmond was to improve the sales & revenue management performance for Maistra Hospitality Group and not to make money from RMS license sales. We intentionally keep our client base small and select to only co-operate with large clients who are market-oriented industry leaders.

Maistra Hospitality Group
HUP Zagreb
Aminess Hotels & Campsites
BlueSun Hotels
Sunčani Hvar
Ilirija Hotels & Villas
Sava Hotels & Resorts
Remisens Hotel Group
Zaton Holiday Resort

We operate independently but are owned by Maistra Hospitality Group.

While we are a part of Maistra Hospitality Group, we operate independently from the company and treat Maistra just like any other partner – we work together to further develop & evolve Edmond. Any and all information is confidential and well-protected.

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